At Hilltop Daycare & Preschool we provide an environment to enhance the growth of your child. The toddler program comprises a fun-based curriculum which ensures that your child enjoys whatever he/she does at our center.

We make sure that while your child is having fun, they are also learning and developing different skills. Our experienced staff will respond proactively to your toddler’s physical and emotional needs and help them to grow as individuals and instill a sense of self-trust. Your toddler will blossom into a warm, friendly, and social little person!



Hilltop Daycare & Preschool offers 3-year-old preschool that helps your child in four key domains: social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical. The curriculum focuses on all domains, clearly outlining the goals within each. By the end of this program, your child will learn to have better control with scissors, paint brushes, and pencils while learning to write the alphabet. As well as Social/Emotional tools learned in Second Step.

At this stage, students are learning through discovery and experimentation. At Hilltop Daycare & Preschool, we observe the developing pace of every child. Our learning environment is always engaging and fun filled!

4-K Preschool


Hilltop Daycare & Preschool offers a comprehensive 4-K Preschool program that allows your child to have fun learning science, mathematics, literacy, art, social skills, and motor activities. Our program also emphasizes developing oral and written skills. We are an off-site for the Rice Lake School District 4-K program.

Our degreed and certified Preschool Teachers teach to the Wisconsin Early Learning Model Standards and have been teaching together for over 34 years!

Kids Camp

(school aged kids)

Hilltop Daycare & Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate before and after, as well as Summer Kids Camp Program for children who have completed 4K through 5th grade.

We offer Summer daily activities, as well as fieldtrips, and 2 sessions of Swimming Lessons throughout the Summer.

Developmentally appropriate equipment and materials for school age children are continuously updated and rotated to enrich your child's development and learning.

Breakfast, 2 snacks, and a hot lunch are available for all attending children.

Early release and vacation days from school are available for children in this age group.