Whether you're beginning your search for child care as a new parent or you're attempting to find a new provider, locating quality child care can be tricky. We at Hilltop Daycare & Preschool like to provide our parents and families with as many resources as we possibly can.

This Parents page will be your go-to as parents to find ideas, suggestions, and to keep up with current happenings in your child's classroom.

Preschool is underway!

If you are new to Hilltop Daycare & Preschool and would like more information on our Pre-k, or Summer Programs, please feel free to contact us.

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We post all events daily for every classroom so you can talk with your child about their day!

Our Preschool Program has the same Schedule as the Rice Lake School District!

Our Summer Program starts the day after school is out!


One great resource we have come across is a website called ChildCare Aware ( This site has any and all information for parents and families looking for quality child care. Check it out!